Understand how your food beliefs and behaviours adversely impact family mealtimes?

Know what to say and do to get your kids to try new foods?

Be confident you are creating good foodie habits for life for your kids?

Have happy, relaxed mealtimes?

Have a child that engages with food and likes cooking with you?

Master some quick and fool proof recipes that work for you and your family?

Cook one meal for the family that everyone would eat and enjoy?

Have a supportive group of other parents in the same boat so you don’t feel so alone?

If you are emotionally exhausted by your fussy eater and mealtimes have become a battleground, if you are stuck in a rut with what and how to feed the kids, BUT (most importantly) you are ready to take action to turn things round, this programme will give you real practical strategies to create a healthy and happy eater in the long term.

This programme is designed for parents but also grandparents, nannies, nursery teachers etc who are responsible for and frustrated by, family mealtimes and want to create a better relationship with food.

You will get:

- sensible and practical, tried and tested strategies and tips you can action

- accountability from an expert who’s taught hundreds of kids and parents to change their approach to food

- the support of a group of other like-minded adults who face the same challenges.

Imagine being able to eat out and travel without worrying about what your kids will eat.  If you want to create good foodie habits for your kids and the broader family, this course will give you the tools and confidence to do it.

I’ve always had a love of food and cooking, but it was my own fussy eater that prompted me to set up my award-winning cooking school, The Kids’ Kitchen. I have taught hundreds of kids (and their parents) to cook, expand the variety of foods they eat and be receptive to new foods. My tips, techniques and recipes are all tried and tested - it’s not just theory! I have been interviewed on Sky News and been featured in several publications and books. In my spare time I still love cooking but hate the washing up.

He was a terribly fussy eater ... but he has grown into a boy who would willingly try everything …he eats a much wider range of fruit and vegetables, loves cooking with me at home and I know it's because Nicole was able to make him view food in a fun, interactive way”

“Working with Nicole has really helped both my children have a much better attitude to food. My daughter used to be a really fussy eater and ever mealtime seemed like a complete nightmare. Nicole has given us so many strategies and tip with food that mealtimes are so much more relaxing. My daughter is now so much more happy to try new food and I am now also so much more relaxed at mealtimes.  I would highly recommend working with Nicole.”

We start Monday 23rd April 2018

Call Nicole to discuss if this is right for you 07976 268 520 or email

Special beta price £69


6 Weekly Group Training Calls with handouts

Private Facebook Group

Recipe and feeding technique lives

PLUS Guest Expert on some of the calls (nutritionist, academic researcher)

Weekly modules

Each module is delivered via a live group coaching call to cover the key learnings and to ask questions about the module or your own situation.The calls are recorded if you can’t make them live and you will be sent the link to listen to them.

WEEK 1: Building blocks – assess where you are now; your expectations; your beliefs and behaviour and their impact

WEEK 2: Building blocks - the importance of parental role modelling ; understanding your child’s perspective

WEEK 3: Mealtimes – HOW and WHEN to feed your kids, key rules and principles 

WEEK 4: Mealtimes -  WHAT to feed your kids, understanding food labels  

WEEK 5: Tools – introducing the secret agent framework , eating out with the kids

WEEK 6: Tools – why and how to cook with your kids; making food fun away from the table

Facebook group

This is a private group for those doing the programme. I will be in the group each day to answer any questions, share recipes and to make sure you are on track, but you will benefit hugely from the support and collective wisdom of group of like-minded individuals in the same situation.

Expert advice

During the programme I will introduce a nutritionist and researcher in the field of kids’ eating on some of the calls.

If you long for stress free mealtimes and need practical support from an expert to help you move forward  without feeling overwhelmed, this course will give you the confidence to know what to do (and what not to do) to turn your kids from fussy to foodie.

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My kids aren’t that fussy/my kids are older. Will I still benefit?

The course is aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers because we have more ability to make changes and establish good habits when the kids are younger. Having said that, most of the strategies are applicable to kids whatever age.  Similarly, even if your child is already a good eater, you will find the tips and techniques very useful and the course will give you reassurance you are taking the right approach to family mealtimes.

How is this programme different?

Nicole is a very experienced kids cooking teacher with 8 years running an award-winning cookery school teaching kids to try new foods and arming parents with the tips, techniques and recipes to carry this on at home. Having taught hundreds of kids from age 2 upwards, and having had her own fussy eater, she knows what works and what doesn’t from a practical perspective.  The course will give you the confidence to change your family’s eating for the better.

How much time will I need each week?

We all lead super busy lives so the course material has deliberately been designed to be manageable and not overwhelming. If you can set aside about an hour each week to do the module and homework and start implementing small steps at home, you will be fine.

What results can I expect?

If your child has been fussy and mealtimes have been a battle for a long time, then change won’t happen overnight. This programme is all about small action steps so that it’s manageable for your family and that you can commit to – being persistent and consistent is key.

Also remember that each child and each family is different in terms of background, personality, extent of the problem etc so the rate of progress will differ. You may see some quick wins with certain foods or strategies but others may take longer. However, if you commit to doing the work and applying what you have learned consistently you WILL see a difference both in how you and your kids approach mealtimes and what foods the kids will then eat

Mail: nicole@thekidskitchen.net?subject=Family Foodies SOS&body=Let's chat about whether this is a good fit for me!